A Clean shower at the touch of button? Sure! Our CleanSmasj system cleans your shower automatically.

What chemists and scientists of renowned companies all over the world thought was impossible, is now reality. After seven years of intensive testing we finally did it: we developed the technology to break the surface tension of water, and have created a

Self cleaning system, based on 2 natural shower sprays

Thanks to our easy to use and durable CleanSmasj (pronounced ‘smash’) injection system, combined with two unique shower sprays it is now possible to automatically clean every glass and tile surface in the bathroom. Totally removing all lime deposits, fungi and bacteria and leaving the surface stripe-less. All in just a few moments.

Our innovative CLEAN SMASJ system, combined with the fluids CS10 and CS20 works fantastic in the shower cabin. It also has the potential to totally revolutionize the way we clean our glass and tile surfaces in and around houses and other buildings. Even for solar panels! Environmentally friendly, quick and easy to use, it is even strong enough to clean bird and insect feces and residue from exhaust fumes.

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