How it started

In 2006 we started with research. After consultation experts gave us their advice, we started the process of innovating this new product.

In 2008 we requested a patent:
“Shower cabin and cleaning device for the shower cabin EP 2135536 A1”

Initially we started with a round shower cabin with a disk with fans in it (see photo of the first prototype). After rinsing, this disk moved up and down with the purpose of drying the cabin quickly. Outside of the shower cabin we built an injection system with liquids to finish the job!

We demonstrated this round cabin to housewives, friends and professionals. They found the results amazing, but another conclusion was that the unit was bulky and needed to be redesigned.

We then switched to the most common shower cabin, namely, a square cabin (see the other photo). We left the idea of fans in the shower. The unit is now integrated in the shower cabin and also contains the necessary fluids. This unit can be installed in already existing shower cabins, or be built into new shower cabins.

Accommodations for every shape and size shower is possible. 

Our slogan is: If you quit now, you’ll never know how close you were to finding the solution

Another slogan is: if we can fly to the moon, we should be able to solve this simple problem. But it was not easy, on the contrary.

After having tested more than 150 different products, mostly chemical, none of them provided the desired results. Finally we found the solution by using only natural products. These products work fantasticly and are completely environmentally friendly.